Door Etem

Modern architectural art requires marginal opportunities from new building technologies. Greek company Etem offers unique engineering solutions for embodiment most difficult design ideas. High-quality production manufacturer has long proven itself in European market. Today aluminum doors Etem are chosen for installation in residential houses and commercial objects. Company offers wide range designs that meet all safety requirements.

Door systems future

Aluminum doors Etem have utmost durability; they are durable and aesthetically look in interior country cottages, offices or municipal institutions. Suitable for medium and large openings, guaranteeing flawless operation under maximum load conditions. Presence special mechanisms allowed to achieve unconditional tightness, so with these door structures room not threaten neither cold, nor heat, nor wind-the sash tightly adjacent to frame without slightest clearance.

Advantages aluminum profile systems include:

  • flawless sound and thermal insulation characteristics;
  • resistance to corrosion damage to metal;
  • environmental safety;
  • protection against hacking;
  • esthetic appearance.

Reliable exterior and interior doors significantly improve everyday life. This is great option for warm glazing: at low temperatures, due to presence polyamide insert (thermo-bridge), construction does not freeze. Due to this, room does not penetrate cold air, which reduces cost heating.

Safety and durability are main principles Etem

Innovative product, which occupies niche in construction markets Europe, shows excellent results in harsh operating conditions. High-strength door structures are suitable for installation in places with high permeability, counting on their durability and resistance to loads.

Greek company offers different types doors:

  • swinging;
  • sliding;
  • accordion;
  • pendulum.

European quality material, application innovative production technologies, thoughtful accessories and reliable fittings –doors from leading manufacturer are best choice for modern construction. Any model is available in different color solutions, which allows you to choose design that will clearly fit into overall concept building.