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Terrace. How to Make your House a Home?

In this article we will discuss how the area in front of your house can be made cozy. If you have an understanding of what design you want to order, then go to the Contacts section and send a request, and our engineers will quickly provide you with a quote and advise.



Having bought or built a house, we do not immediately think about arranging the terrace. But the thought of creating more comfortable space on the terrace will stick around after feeling at least once the impact of precipitation sitting over a cup of morning coffee.


Design Options


Glass Canopy

This is the easiest way to create additional comfort and allow you to hide from rain and snow, but not from wind and dust. An aluminum frame is installed, and its roof part is covered with glass. Under such a canopy, you can enjoy nature only in the warm season.


Pergola System

A very interesting option for decorating the terrace is a pergola. The slat system on the roof can be closed in bad weather and keep rainfall out of the terrace, and on a clear day the slats rotate to allow more sun in. The Aluprof pergola system has performed well.


Glass Terrace Systems

This option will allow you to make use of the terrace from early spring to late autumn. There is not only a roof in it, but also structures covering the entire perimeter. One 10-12 mm thick glass is used. At first glance, this is not enough to create a comfortable temperature inside. However, in practice, the premise becomes more comfortable after resolving the air leak. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference will be approximately 7 degrees. (If it is 0 C outside, then +7 C on the terrace. This is provided that the terrace is adjacent to the house, and not detached). The glazing itself can be opening, sliding and deaf.


Winter Garden Systems

By setting up a winter garden, you add living space to your home. This premise can be used all year round regardless of frost and precipitation. The glass roof makes the terrace as bright as possible, and the glow of the stars will add romantic charm at night. Aluminum frames with thermal bridges and double-glazed windows do not release heat from the room to the outside, which allows you to grow flowers all year round. Aluminum windows or panoramic sliding systems with a minimum number of visible frames can be used as walls, which will make the room visually larger, and the absence of unnecessary jumpers will not obscure the view. The Aluprof MB-Skyline type R panoramic sliding system and the Schuco Panorama Design sliding system have preformed very well in operation.


This is only a small part of the information about creating comfort on the terrace. For a detailed consultation and review of possible glazing options, leave a request on our website.


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