Pivot Doors: What Do You Need to Know?

Pivot Doors: What Do You Need to Know?

If you are looking for an interesting solution for your front doors, we suggest that you consider doors with a shifted opening axis to the frame. This is a very non-standard solution that has its advantages.


What are Pivot doors, and how do they differ from ordinary doors?

For conventional doors, the hinges are attached to the side on the vertical parts of the frame and sash; however, for Pivot doors, the rotation axes are located on its horizontal parts and are offset relative to the frame. If the door opening needs to be made larger, the normal version is made of two sashes, whereas Pivot doors allow you to make one large sash. Although if there is a need for a very wide opening, this is where the conventional door wins out. If a conventional door consists of two sashes, as a rule, one sash is always active and the second sash opens only when necessary.


What is the advantage of Pivot doors?

Their main advantage is their aesthetic appearance. If we look at both conventional doors and Pivot doors at the same time, we will not see such numerous profiles in Pivot. Almost all of it is glass. Furthermore, these doors can be large. When closing the locks, the mechanism makes certain noises that may not be familiar to the owner.


Disadvantages of Pivot doors.

The Pivot doors have small gaps in the corners and, therefore, when used as an exterior door, additional rain hoods are always required. However, Reynaers MasterLine 8 XL doors have been tested to the NAFS standard and are ideal for use as exterior doors.


What material are Pivot doors made of?

Doors can be made from any material, but aluminum makes them as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The sash made of aluminum has great strength and this allows you to use the maximum amount of glass to be used for a lightweight feel. Aluminum itself is easily recyclable, which means that it does not pollute the environment by throwing it into a landfill, but is used again to make new products. This is possible due to the resistance of aluminum to corrosion, and, therefore, it is an ideal material in the construction industry.

Reynaers doors are available in a variety of opening and configurations. They are perfectly suited for both latticed and commercial construction. Pivot doors from Reynaers are easy to use and add comfort to your house.

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