Passive House: What Is Important to Know?

Passive House: What Is Important to Know?

A few years ago, when designing a house, we did not think about its maximum energy saving, and the cost of these technologies seemed too high to us. However, nowadays, utility bills have increased several-fold and the issue of reducing the cost of electricity, heat, and water has become acute.


A passive house is:

Passive house technology aims to bring resource consumption closer to zero. This is made possible by designing walls, windows, and doors with maximum insulation, connecting independent sources of electricity and using energy efficient domestic appliances. Therefore, the house does not consume energy from the urban network.


Windows for a passive house should be:

Windows are carefully planned in such houses to reduce the cost of lighting through the use of natural light. The use of multifunctional glass will save on air conditioning costs. There should be a minimum of three glass panes. If stained-glass windows are envisaged in the project, we recommend using aluminum windows with maximum thermal insulation. The window profile should also meet the passive house standard. The aluminum profile itself is easy to use, since it is not subject to corrosion, does not emit harmful substances when heated in the sun, and painting does not require annual maintenance.


What other elements make a house passive?

The main task in building passive houses is to prevent the movement of air from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. This is achieved through the use of high-quality insulation of the foundation, walls and roof.


What else to pay attention to?

Use household appliances with low electricity consumption, and use faucets with low water consumption in the bathroom.


Where to buy windows for a passive house?

Our company manufactures and installs aluminum windows, doors, and facades for passive houses. Window opening elements can be integrated into the “smart home” system.

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