Aluminum Windows. Why are They so Popular?

Aluminum Windows. Why are They so Popular?

When it comes to aluminum windows, we are faced with the image of an all-metal frame through which heat easily passes. This is not the case today. The industry makes progress and aluminum window frames have also changed.


What is an Aluminum Frame Today?

The frame of an aluminum window consists of three parts: an outer aluminum part, an inner aluminum part, and a polymer insert between them called a thermal break or thermal bridge. It is the thermal bridge that does not allow heat to pass from the inside of the frame to the outside. The greater its thickness, the more energy-saving properties the frame has. When choosing windows, always look at their characteristics and compare them with the requirements in your area. Now the issue of energy saving is in the first place due to the rise in the price of energy resources.


Why Aluminum Windows can be Better than PVC or Wooden Windows?

The possibility to produce large structures with a minimum number of frames is one of the main advantages of aluminum windows. Remember how many frames can be seen on panoramic windows made of PVC or wood. All because they do not have sufficient rigidity, while aluminum frames are more rigid and do not require additional amplifiers.

Aluminum windows do not require constant maintenance. They do not need to be painted like wood or protected from fading in the sun like PVC windows.


What is the Price of Aluminum Windows?

The price of aluminum windows is higher than that of PVC and on par with the price of wooden windows. But do not be afraid of this! Remember how many years later you wanted to order new PVC windows, because something was wrong with the old ones? Remember how much time and money you spent on maintaining wooden windows? Aluminum windows serve more than a dozen years and during this period of time you save a lot of effort and money. The pleasure of using the right aluminum windows lasts for decades.


How to calculate the cost of aluminum windows?

For everyone who is interested in the price of windows, we recommend making a calculation of the entire project, instead of being interested in the cost of one square meter. There are several engineers in our team who will quickly perform a cost calculation, and managers will provide a detailed estimate. By visiting the Contacts section, you can call or email your project.


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