10 Reasons to Choose Panoramic Aluminum Windows for Your House: Aesthetics, Functionality, and Efficiency

10 Reasons to Choose Panoramic Aluminum Windows for Your House: Aesthetics, Functionality, and Efficiency

Panoramic stained-glass windows have become a part of modern architecture. Floor-to-ceiling full-wall windows are not only found in shops, office centers. They have become common in the construction of private and apartment buildings. This glazing format can also be used in the reconstruction of cottages or mansions built even a century ago.

Why is the technology good, and why has it become popular? And why is it worth paying attention to profile systems made of aluminum? Here are 10 reasons.



Modern architecture is open, visually light spaces, which is largely achieved by panoramic glazing. Even a small bedroom, if you replace a small window with a wall-wide sliding system, will seem spacious.

The perception of the environment both inside and outside the building is entirely changing. Even a house with inconspicuous architecture will look fresh and interesting if a blank wall with a small window opening is replaced with a panoramic window.


Natural light

Modern architects try to fill buildings with sun rays. The abundance of sunlight is not only about the economy of lighting. Moderate doses of ultraviolet light promote the production of happiness hormones and vitamin D, while at the same time it is detrimental to pathogenic microorganisms. And in bright rooms it is much more pleasant to work or relax, even if the room is small.

Modern aluminum windows have a heat transfer within 1 W/(m²•K). Therefore, it is possible to create open, sunny interiors, without increasing heating or air conditioning costs.


View of nature

Another trend in modern architecture is eco-style. Such interiors are not overloaded with unnecessary elements and are as close to nature as possible. With panoramic aluminum windows, you can enjoy a green yard or garden instead of a photo of the forest on the entire wall. If you want the full immersive effect, you can choose a system with invisible frames with a thickness of about 2 cm, for example MB SKYLINE. Such sashes are almost invisible even up close, they do not block a beautiful view.



Panoramic windows are equipped with huge sashes. The width of the opening part of the window can reach up to 3.5 m for sliding systems and up to 10–12 m for accordion folding doors. You can open up an entire wall and connect the living room or bedroom to the terrace or courtyard. And create a huge outdoor lounge area or quickly ventilate the house after a hot summer day.


Good soundproofing

Most of the noise from the street comes through the windows. If soundproofing is important, aluminum profiles have the best level of noise reduction.

Aluminum systems can withstand two or three-chamber asymmetric double-glazed windows. They use glass and chambers of different thicknesses (up to 1 cm), which allows you to increase the level of noise reduction up to 40–45 dB. The high rigidity provides increased tightness, which also leads to a reduction in the noise level coming from the street.


Energy efficiency

A polymer chamber is installed inside the “warm” aluminum profile systems, which prevents the heat transfer. Aluminum profiles are as energy efficient as PVC frames. Sliding systems such as Schuco ASE 80.HI have a heat transfer of only 1.4 W/(m²•K). If you want to reduce the heat loss to a minimum, you can choose the Aluprof Passive tilt-and-turn sash instead of the sliding sash with a Passive House standard with a heat transfer of 0.4 W/(m²•K) instead of a sliding sash.

When it comes to the energy efficiency of the entire window, aluminum systems confidently rank first. The rigid frame ensures the tightness of the structure. It is possible to install massive double-glazed windows with thick glasses up to 1 cm thick. The weight of such a structure can exceed 500 kg. Metal-plastic and wooden frames are not designed for such a load.


Flexibility of installation

Aluminum windows can be installed both instead of an old window in an existing opening, and during the reconstruction of buildings with the demolition of part of the wall. Installation in houses made of brick, wood or built using frame technology is possible.

Due to the high strength and simultaneously low weight, the aluminum profile functions as a frame and easily withstands hurricane gusts of wind. But at the same time, it does not create a large load on the construction of the building. There is no need to reinforce the walls and foundation or create a separate frame for attaching stained-glass windows.


Great choice of styles

Pivoting, folding, sliding sashes, folding doors with which you can remove an entire wall in one movement or vice versa, continuous glazing without lintels with barely visible frames… Aluminum windows are structurally and visually different. In addition to gray, you can choose from a powder coating in any color from the RAL palette, and this exceeds 200 shades, including metallic coatings. It is also possible to laminate them to look like wood or marble.



A panoramic window is safe. Aluminum profiles can’t be opened simply by picking them up with a crowbar. Fragile-looking double-glazed window is usually equipped with tempered (armored) glass 1.0 to 1.2 mm thick, triplex can be installed. It cannot be broken with an ordinary stone or hammer, or kicked out with a foot.

This is not enough. Reynaers offers electromagnetic locks with biometric access instead of conventional ones. Only members of your family will be able to get into the house by fingerprint. Lost keys are no longer a problem.


It’s comfortable

Aluminum windows do not require regular maintenance. European manufacturers equip their systems with reliable fittings which serve without the need of repair for 30–50 years. In addition, the sashes open smoothly and quietly. As a rule, a simple adjustment of the sash pressure density once every one or two years is sufficient. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and household detergents.

Yes, panoramic stained-glass windows are pricier than ordinary PVC windows. But the high quality, long service life, and other advantages make the purchase more profitable in the long run. You can save money if you order manufacturing in Europe.

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